Box Tops for Education

Time to collect the bonus Box Tops. This is the best time of year to do it. Sams Club, Walmart, Albertsons and Costco all have deals going. Some require you to have a login for the Box Top Site or App., Albertsons has an App that allows you to collect up to 60 Bonus Box Tops if you purchase certain items. The sign in is great for extra savings, bonus Box Tops and you can see how our school is doing win he Box Tops for Education App. Last year was our first year really keeping track of them and we did great as we earned over $1700 for our school (over 17,000 Box Tops) and we are aiming to earn over $2,000 this year. Box Tops collection sheets were sent home at the end of the year and are a great place to collect them – or save them in a baggie/envelope etc.

Box Top Sheets go to the front office and loose Box Tops go to your children’s classrooms to be put in their special Box Top Collection containers.

Helpful tips:

Take advantage of Bonus Box Tops – If you can find a way to prove you got them on an App, we will count them towards your Child’s class. If you receive coupons to be entered – send them in, we will do it for you
Have friends, relatives, co-workers help you collect Box Tops – If you want a container for you office, ask a PTO member or Ann at the front office and we will get you one
You can find bonus items on anything from food items to cleaning supplies
No expired Box Tops – unfortunately we can’t count them