2nd Chance Breakfast Begins September 10th!


Four Georgians will be starting a “second chance” breakfast program again this year beginning September 10th!  

We have found that more students participate in breakfast, the most important meal of the day, when they have access to breakfast outside of the traditional breakfast time! In addition, we have discovered better student behavior due to a balanced breakfast with whole grains, proteins, fresh fruit, and milk.

We wanted to share these positive results with our families at Four Georgians to encourage all students to take advantage of this opportunity.

At Four Georgians, traditional breakfast will still be served before school in the lunchroom, and second chance breakfast will be served during snack time either before or after first recess depending on the class. If you do not participate in the free/reduced program, breakfast is only $1.40 for either the traditional or the second chance meal. Please note that if your child participates at breakfast during the traditional breakfast time and wants to get second chance breakfast as well, he or she will be charged an additional $1.65 for their second complete meal.



An online application is now available at www.mymealtime.com.  Parents will need to have a district student ID number for each of the students in the household attending school.  If you need help getting your student’s ID number contact the office at 406-324-1300.

Paper applications have been sent home with your student(s).