2nd Chance Breakfast Begins September 9th!


Each day at around 10:00 AM, the school is offering a Second Chance Breakfast for students. Second Chance Breakfast is charged the same as breakfast each day (if not participating in free/reduced lunch program).

  • Regular Breakfast (7:45-8:30)—$1.45
  • Second Chance Breakfast (10:00)—$1.45
  • Breakfast at 7:45 PLUS 2nd Chance Breakfast—$3.15

*Please note that Taking both Breakfast and Second Chance is charged first as $1.45 plus $1.70 for seconds. Students participating in the free/reduced program will be charged $1.70 for seconds as well. Please make sure your child knows your expectations regarding this program.

Free & Reduce Lunch Program

An online application is now available at www.mealtime.com Parents will need to have a district student ID number for each of the students in the household attending school. If you need help getting your student’s ID number contact the office at 406-324-1300.

Paper applications have been sent home with your student(s).