Box Tops for Four Georgians!

Time to collect Box Tops!


Four Georgians is collecting Box Tops like crazy and is currently running a class contest until the middle of October.  The top overall class will receive their earnings that they brought in during the contest along with a fun treat. In addition, the top K-2nd class and the top 3rd – 5th class will earn a special treat. Other ways classes can win is by bringing in over 500 Box Tops during the contest – so everyone has a chance.  A few tips – you can send them in with your child and they can put the loose ones in a special container that each classroom has or fill out the Box Tops sheet and stop by the office and get a treat.  Make sure the students name and class code are on the sheets so we can give credit to the class.  Our goal is $2,000 this school year.  We are proud to say we almost made $2,000 last school year and the money earned is going towards the Missoula Children’s Theatre event here at 4Gs in February 2019.   Happy collecting!

Box Top Collection Sheet