Mrs. Marshall, Counselor

Second Step Lessons School-wide


Bully Prevention Unit

School-wide I will begin teaching the Bully Prevention Unit the week of January 23rd. There are 4 lessons in this unit.

This is the definition of bullying we are using: it is when someone keeps being mean to someone else on purpose, and the person being treated badly hasn’t been able to get it to stop. It is unfair and one-sided.

The goal of the Bullying Prevention Unit is to foster a climate of safety and respect for all by helping children learn skills for being safe and respectful; recognizing, reporting, and refusing bullying; and being a bystander who helps prevent bullying.

During the lessons, students learn the skills and concepts through stories and discussion. After each lesson, your child brings home a Home Link for you to work on together and your child brings it back to school.