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Posted on April 7, 2016

Our class books have arrived!

Oh, the excitement! Our books arrived recently and they look fabulous! Our Author’s Tea celebration will be Monday, April 25th from 12:15-1pm. Books will come home to keep after the tea.

class book

Daily Schedules



Reading * Math * Spelling * Second Step

Your child should read at least 15 minutes at home every day.

  • Reading should be on your child’s level most of the time. Not too easy and not too hard.
  • Remember to read for fun!
  • Try the 5-finger test. When your child is reading to you, put up a finger for every word missed. Students should miss 2-3 words. 0 or 1 mistakes means a book is too easy. 4 or more mistakes will impact comprehension and your child may get too frustrated.
  • Have your child read a variety of materials: restaurant menus, instruction books, etc.

Your child should practice math facts for 15 minutes at home every day.

  • Students are “fluent” when they can answer a problem correctly in three seconds or less.
  • Students in third grade should already be able to fluently add and subtract within 20.
  • By the end of third grade students should know from memory all products of two one-digit numbers.

Some ideas for practicing math facts:

  • Goal: By the end of third grade students should know from memory all products of two one-digit numbers. (multiplication)
  • Flashcards – sort cards into two piles: known and unknown.
  • org (See Mrs. Branting for your child’s code) This is an app and a web site.
  • iPad or android tablet apps: Math Splat, Quick Math, There are many other great apps.
  • Dice or cards – Toss the dice and multiply the two numbers, Draw cards and multiply the two numbers
  • Flashlight math: Use the flashcards and flip two cards at a time. Kids shine a flashlight on the one they know and answer that one.

Spelling – Practice as needed

  • New list each week (May come home in the previous week’s Wednesday Envelope)
  • Practice as needed for the test on Friday
  • Students take a pretest on Monday and will bring home a list with incorrect words highlighted.

Fun says to practice spelling words

  • Playdough, pipe cleaner, stamps, etc.
  • Rainbow writing – Write each word 3-5 times. Each time write in a new color.
  • Write with gel pens, markers, on an iPad, type the words
  • Cover up the word, spell it aloud, and check to see if you were correct
  • Change the words of a familiar song to spell the word. (Think r-e-s-p-e-c-t)
  • Spelling apps like MySpellTest, SpellingTest, SpellDown Spelling Bee, etc. (I have not used any of these apps and cannot recommend any one over the others.)

Second Step is an academic and social skills curriculum taught by our school counselor, Mrs. Marshall.  Second Step homework from Mrs. Marshall will come home about every other Wednesday. Check your child’s Wednesday Envelope for the paper from Mrs. Marshall.


Recommended Apps

Here are a few of my favorite educational iPad apps:

Endless ABC by Originator – vocabulary words
Toontastic – create your own stories by narrating and animating
Any Dr. Seuss or OM ebook apps (interactive stories)
QuickMath+ – math facts practice, suite of apps offers other skills
Math Splat – math facts
Invaders – math facts practice more like a video game
Telling Time by Giggle Up – clocks
FlowPlus by Dactyl – math facts practice
Writing Wizard by L’Escapadou – printing and cursive app for learning to form letters correctly, includes play time, can customize words lists and practice spelling too.
DialSafePro – practice calling 911 and other phone numbers (can customize numbers)
KidsDoodle – fun drawing app
Brusheez (tooth brushing timer with music and customization)
Apps for younger kids:
Endless Reader by Originator – sight words
Alpha Tots – learn alphabet letters and sounds
ABC Alphabet Photo Touch – learn letter names and sounds, simple, like flash cards
Apps for Teachers:
Groovy Grader – a digital “Easy Grader”
Artsonia – upload student artwork to a digital museum – lesson plans online
Too Noisy Pro – noise meter, earn stars for being quiet
Plickers – quick student assessment

Online Art Gallery

Check out our most recent artwork on Student artwork is published only with parent permission. Enjoy!

Upcoming Events

  • June 2, 2017

    Field Day

    Wear sunblock and bring a water bottle! We will be enjoying lots of fun games outside.

  • June 6, 2017

    Exploration Works Field Trip

    Wear walking shoes! We will be checking out the latest exhibit at Exploration Works: Arachnids!

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